Extreme nice setup for SMB!

I have just setup a very nice bundle for a small company with 3 employees which just need a simple fileserver. It is also strong enough to run a simple accounting software based on sql express f.ex. The server is running Raid1 with 7200 RPM discs, non hot-swappable. It is also possible to buy an extra raid controller and have much faster drives, f.e.x SSD. But for a file/print server with so few people this will do just fine. By the way, if you look at the picture of the server; the switch is the «top-box»..

I installed Windows Server 2012 R2 essentials (show blog post for installing the hyper-v role!) virtualized. As a VCP-provider in my job I also setup a lan-to-lan with the firewall to our datacenter. By doing that I can run central Veeam based backup. Very nice for the customer! He gets his data backuped up by the best backup software and also get his data out of his house.

Since the firewall also got a wireless interface with support for vlan I also setup a guest network on a separate clan for the customer. I only gave permission to the printer so the visitors could do some printing.

If you want I can create a full post how I setup the whole server, firewall, wireless etc.

It is a very good setup for the SMB market which gives a good value for the bucks. And who knows, perhaps I will try to run a Xenapp 6.5 server with netscaler on this box too…?? 🙂

Hardware setup:

HP Microserver Gen 8 with the PS1810-8g switch (managed with vlan support)

and a Zyxel Usg 20W (firewall with wireless n and also support for vlan).

I also included a HP750 UPS which delivers around 38 minutes with this hardware.

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