Disable VMW on network adapter – Windows Server 2012 R2

In some cases I have suddenly got an unstable network connection with Windows Server 2012 R2. I always team my network so I have not had time to troubleshoot if this happens just when I am teaming the network or if it also could be reproducted by using just a single nic.

What happens is that the VM looses their connection. The weird part is that I can actually ping the VM from the hyper-v host, but not from other computers. Inside the VM I can’t ping anywhere at all. Really weird.

Anyway, the solution seems to tbe to disable the VMQ on the network adapters. I disable them at each nic and my Nic Team.

To get the name om the network, type the following in powershell



This should give you a list of the network adapter. Make not of the the first colum. This the name of your network adapter (or team).

Type the folloing to disable vmw

Disable-NetAdapterVmq -name «The name of your network adapter»

OR; you can just type this to avoid typing the commands above

Get-NetAdapterVmq | Disable-NetAdapterVmq

This doesn’t matter in small deployment, but I am pretty sure you should troubleshoot more to keep the VMQ in a larger deplyment.

For more information regarding VMW, take a look at this blog:


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