Hidden default quota on redirected folders

img_5329fcc03191aMy colleague, Bjørn Magne Vik, gave me a good tip today. A customer with a  .pst file located on a redirected folder got some issues with the Outlook with a lot of errors. Neither new profile, repair of the .pst file would work. The error message was 0x80040116 (Outlook pst crash error)  + 0x80070718.

The problem was that the the local synchronized folder get their own quota on the local machine. This could be very problematic if you are not aware of this. You can easily change this at Control Panel and Sync center.  Luckily this can be controlled by group policy by the administrator too..

For more information regarding the settings for the policy, take a look at this site:


Thanks to Bjorn for sharing this timesaver of a tip!

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