How to replace a drive in Storage Spaces




# Find the failed Disk
# Shutdown, take the disk out and reboot. Set the missing disk to a variable
$missingDisk = Get-PhysicalDisk | WhereObject { $_.OperationalStatus -eq ‘Lost Communication’ }
# Retire the missing disk
$missingDisk | Set-PhysicalDisk Usage Retired
# Find the name of your new disk
# Set the replacement disk object to a variable
$replacementDisk = Get-PhysicalDisk –FriendlyName PhysicalDisk1
# Add replacement Disk to the Storage Pool
Add-PhysicalDisk –PhysicalDisks $replacementDisk –StoragePoolFriendlyName pool
# Repair each Volume
Repair-VirtualDisk –FriendlyName <VolumeName>
# Get the status of the rebuilds
# Remove failed Virtual Disks
Remove-VirtualDisk –FriendlyName <FriendlyName>
# Remove the failed Physical Disk from the pool
Remove-PhysicalDisk –PhysicalDisks $missingDisk –StoragePoolFriendlyName pool

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