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I am an IT-professional working at Kontorvarehuset Møre og Romsdal AS in Molde, Norway.  I´m a Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA) in Xenapp 6.5 and also Microsoft certified in SBS 2011 and Windows Server 2012.

So far my biggest project is the architecture of Moldesky, a cloud service in Norway. My primary focus is flexible and good solutions for the SMB-market. I also have great interest in networking, firewalls, wireless, security penetration etc.. The purpose of this blog is to use it as my own notebook and to share information with other IT-pros.

Most of my troubleshooting is done with help of the almighty Google. but since I work in a shop where we are selling the newest technology we often have to troubleshoot before the community has started to blog about issues. I will try my best to contribute with problems I have solved on my journey..

All of my blogs and comments are my own opinions and not related to my employer Kontorvarehuset Møre og Romsdal AS.

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